A Voter: What If?

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics

What if… all Americans were given the role of judge in a Qui Tam lawsuit?
The False Claims Act was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln- to reduce
fraud and waste by suppliers of goods and services to government.

Politician: a corporate spokesman who promises to control your life.

Truth: what you need to know to be set free.

DONALD JOHN TRUMP- was he invited to join The President’s Club?
Good Old Boys watch one another’s reputation. (collaboration == conspircy)

The Continuity of Government is the Deep State, designed to prevent change
(or correction, or improvement, or audits) The System is designed to leak money.

All the gold’s gone. Domestic steel production and coal production are gone too.

To #UNRIG, withdraw your personal consent. That’s safe, effective, peaceful too.

Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele have communicated their ideas to Trump.

Trump has many active supporters who want to believe his campaign promises.

JEFF SESSIONS desires to lock up or shoot dead criminals who smoke pot.
He’s incapable of prosecuting the God who created cannabis with intent to distribute.

As a habitual offender of the CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT, I’m an easy target.

As a disabled American, I’m willing to provide Mr. Sessions reasonable accommodation.

My God (there is only One) created heaven and Earth- on that we all agree. (See Book of Genesis)

My God created and blessed seed bearing herbs with intent to distribute, and so I believe.

Jeff Sessions claims to be a devout man of Integrity and Faith, but is his God with him or the truth?

The majority of States now allow medical cannabis to be taxed and regulated under Commerce.

A public online court room would be a preferred venue, to address topics of national, international concerns.

Poll Mole and other Open Source programs can deliver freedom and privacy for all. That would be excellent!

In honor to Richard Stallman, let us hack the Gnu World Order!

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