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Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips

7 Star Life Transformative The single most dangerous book in America today

At the age of 65, with a lifetime of both experience across the secret world including nine years as a clandestine case officer (spy) for the Central Intelligence Agency, and a lifetime of education and reading including 2,500 reviews across 98 categories at Amazon (making me the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction), I have never been more shocked, more disgusted, more outraged, than by this book.

Here are the high points:

01 The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) turns out to be the single most evil element of the US Government, far more evil than the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but sharing one common foundation: Nazi scientists. NASA rather than CIA, appears to be the current manager of mind-control operations that include both direct programming and remote programming.

02 The Deep State completely by-passes the intercept capabilities of the National Security Agency (NSA) by using human couriers whose minds have been totally fragmented and made subject to control by varied means — the couriers can remember complex messages at the head of state and organized crime gang level, deliver the message, and then be relied on to instantly forget it.

03 Pedophilia and mind-control are deeply intertwined at the elite level. From Presidents Reagan, Ford, and Bush to Dick Cheney and Senators across the board (both male and female) it is clear that Satanic perversions and demonic impunity are the currency of power. Child prostitutes under mind control, including the “Presidential Model.” are standard fare.

04 The music industry is central to both NASA needs for harmonic programming essential to getting objects through space, and NASA needs for a cross-country drug distribution network able to move recreational vehicles and truckloads of cocaine hither and yon.

05 The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was about opening the border to officially-sponsored drug trafficking — drugs into America are a deliberate official policy among the elite, against their own public, and in the interest of generating massive off budget cash f low.

06 Saudi Arabia is prominent in this book but Israel is not. I find the lack of mention of Israel suspect — I am quite certain that Netanyahu is privy to the mind-control network and in all probability a pedophile and drug merchant.

07 The mental health industry has been deliberately held back for decades as part of an official strategy to prevent recognition of the prevasiveness of the rogue government mind-control programming that is not only used for specific individuals, but also intended to be effective remotely against large numbers of people made vulnerable in various way (not in this book, but from a separate source, chemical trails create metal build-ups in humans that make them vulnerable to remote electro-magnetic attacks that could in extremis cause the bodies to burn up from the inside, leaving no body to dispose of — this is the ultimate depopulation tool).

08 The Jesuit order of the Catholic Church, and the Mormons, are deeply complicit in mind-control operations and the management of the network. There is no significant distinction between Satanism and either of these two religions at the highest levels.

09 The depravity of Dick Cheney specifically, and so many others named in this book, cannot be over-stated.

10 Mind-control is used to rig sports outcomes, with only the elite gamblers aware of which players are being manipulated toward stellar or mediocre games by design.

11 Bohemian Grove is the ultimate cathedral of evil in all its forms, with specific rooms dedicated to each perversion.

12 Child hunting games are very real and generally conducted on military reservations with special guards.

13 The New World Order elites have no loyalty to any country or any constitution or any public. They regard everyone as a disposable animal and most humans as subject to eradication.

QUOTE in Note 9 on page 192: “There can be no world peace without peace-of-mind, and there is no peace-of-mind under mind-control.”

All of my knowledge about the Deep State and its varied depravities has come to me in the aftermath of my time serving the Deep State, and hence is not covered by my lifetime secrecy oath that I have never violated. I am not a whistleblower but rather a thoughtful caring patriot.

What happened to Cathy O'Brien is going to happen to all of us, without exception, if we do not act soon to take back the power and burn NASA and the CIA to the ground, while nationalizing the Federal Reserve and restoring the Constitution — particularly Article 1 — to primacy as the law of the land.

George Orwell got it right in Animal Farm, published in 1945. He foresaw that fascism would not lose WWII but rather migrate to the USA where it has been protected and enabled to mutate within NASA and CIA. The USA is OCCUPIED by evil forces, by Satanic forces. The good news in my view is that PizzaGate, the lies by John Brennan about the Russian's hacking the election, the mediocrity of the fake news mainstream media including the Crap News Network, are all converging in the public eye. Also converging are the truth movements.  From the JFK assassination to the USS Liberty to 9/11 and the varied false flag operations, to pedophilia and now to mind control and bases on Mars manned by slaves, We the People are on the verge of WAKING UP.

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Best wishes to all,
Robert David Steele
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