Robert David Steele: The Holocaust, Zionism, & AIPAC — Guilt by Association

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. –Ephesians 6:12

In my recent interview with Sarah Westhal, one of the finest interviewers in the alternative media sphere — a business professor with an incisive mind who values facts and a commitment to seeking out the truth, I was asked about the Holocaust and responded that “it's complicated.”

I have received both praise and push-back for how I answered. The time has come to demystify the Holocaust; to carefully distinguish between anti-Zionism which is everyone's duty and anti-Semitism which is reprehensible, and to put an end to the grip that American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — an agent of a foreign power by any definition of the term — has on Congress.

Here is my personal take on both the history and the present.

1. The Holocaust happened. Millions died. However, there are several lies by omission that Zionists celebrate and these need to be challenged.

  • Most of those who died did not die from gassing but rather from Allied bombings, starvation, and typhus. This includes those in prison camps, most of whom died of starvation and typhus, not gassing.
  • Jews were a distinct and most noteworthy group to die but the number of Russians, Germans, and others who died is greater, and the Holocaust myth as it is still promoted demeans, diminishes, and disrespects all those other deaths.
  • Genocide, whether against Jews or anyone else including the Palestinians, is the most despicable crime against humanity, perhaps co-equal with pervasive state-sanctioned and state-practiced pedophilia in all its forms. The refusal of the Zionists to honor other genocides and mass murders ranging toward 40-70 million in just one instance, is itself despicable.
  • Americans must remember that their ancestors genocided the Native Americans and this is said by some to have inspired Hitler against the Jews. No one's hand's are clean in this matter.

2. There is clear evidence that most Jews who died in Germany did not have to die.  Here is one extract with a source worthy of considerations:

  • So, WHO, ultimately, was responsible for the suffering of the jews in the labor camps? It was the elite ZIONIST Jews themselves.  Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, one of  the Rabbis in Germany, actually worked a deal in 1942 with the German government to get ALL the Jews out of the camps and occupied Europe for $3 million US.  The Rabbi was overjoyed and immediately went to world Zionist headquarters in Switzerland and apprised them of the offer and asked for the money.  The Rabbi was told (paraphrasing), “Go home, Rabbi. You’ll get no money.  We intend that a lot of Jews (lower class) suffer and die in the war so that we will have world sympathy to most easily establish the state of Israel after the war.”   Rabbi Weissmandl wrote this nightmare up in his 1948 book titled Ten Questions To The Zionists.   Look it up. Read and learn the truth.

3. Zionism is a scam and the separation of the Jewish race from the Palestinians — they share the same three DNA ancestors — is a distortion of reality on a holocaust scale. I honor Shlomo Sand for his two works on The Invention of the Jewish People and The Invention of the Land of Israel. Zionism joins the Deep State of the Rothschilds and the Jesuit Black Pope and their banking dynasties as one of the greatest threats to humanity in modern times.

  • Zionism is seeking to balkanize the Middle East and incite a nuclear war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, at the same time that is is genociding the Palestinians and stealing oil from Syria and water from Jordan.
  • Zionism is the most toxic foreign influence on the American body politic, matched in its in bribery and blackmail of Members of Congress only by our own secret intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA). Add to that mind control based within NASA's covert fascist wing along with pedophilia and drug running, and you have a perfect convergence of domestic and foreign treason.
  • Zionism is the root factor in perpetuating the US military-industrial complex with a 1,000 overseas bases that are lily pads for smuggling cash, drugs, gold, guns, and small children; the root factor in the US taxpayer giving Israel $30,000 a year for every man, woman, and child in Israel — money better spent here at home — and the root enabler of a criminally insane federal budget that gives primacy to funding dictators abroad while enabling the varied agricultural, energy, food, and prison complexes to impoverish, poison and incarcerate at home.
  • Zionism hides behind anti-Semitism and expertly manipulates Hollywood and all forms of propaganda, including the fake news mainstream media that serves two masters — Zionism and the Deep State. Zionism is indefensible by the truth and relies on lies, bribery, and blackmail to get its way. The nine million loyal American Jews are not Zionists and they are not the problem.

5.  NEVER AGAIN is a useful concept, but all too hypocritical in its current manifestation. Zionists were a party to the assassination of John F. Kennedy — Yitzhak Rabin was the official observer for Israel while George Bush Senior was the lead CIA non-official cover officer (NOC) also on the scene — Zionists have given us the USS Liberty atrocity and were a principal planner and enabler of 9/11 (gleefully commanded by Dick Cheney) and Zionist's use AIPAC to demand of each Member of Congress a pledge that is in essence an act of treason — an impeachable act of treason, a pledge of allegiance to a foreign power putting Israel First instead of America First.

Never again, indeed.

As I move forward as a co-sponsor of #UNRIG, America First is very much on my mind. Donald Trump, God Bless him, opened people's mind to the FACT that we have a rigged system, and then let us all down by becoming an Israel Firster when actually in office. He has nine Goldman Sachs bankers (and one Goldman Sachs bimbo) and 54 Ashkenazi Zionists running the US economy for the direct benefit of Zion and banking and he is doing nothing at all toward protecting Main Street from the September 2017 crash that Martin Armstrong has predicted with total certainly.

We face multiple challenges, among them the now demonstrated fact — thank you John Brennan — that the US secret world is both worthless and pathologically dysfunctional, and that the mainstream media is equally worthless and pathologically dysfunctional. The US Government — good people trapped in a bad system — is also largely worthless and pathologically dysfunctional — it lies about everything including the unemployment rate, the safety of vaccines, the acceptable radiation rate from Fukushima, and more.

In the face of these challenges we have exactly one free unlimited resource: ourselves. The underlying assumption for #UNRIG: Summer of Peace (Beyond  Trump & Sanders) is that we can create 435 MeetUps that comprise an ethical, legal, non-violent alternative to the criminal Congress we have now — a Congress that is owned by 40 billionaires on behalf of the Deep State, and by Zion, and by CIA, FBI, and NSA blackmailers — and that we can use organized public power to displace organized financial power.

Everyone should join MeetUp — it is free. Everyone should consider joining the ONE MeetUp that we are authorizing for each Congressional District.  We are test driving the 20 we are allowed for free right now. If you, good citizen, want  to buy your government back, we have established two prices:

$77,300 a year will pay for 435 MeetUps that comprise a People's Congress. That is a single monthly fee of $15 for each group each month. Below is the map from week one.  Imagine week four if you all choose to make this fly.

$250,000 a year will put Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele in an RV and via skype to every one of these 435 MeetUps as well as universities, chambers of commerce, and more.

I dare hope that there are enough citizens that understand that Cynthia McKinney — Alt Left, black, female — and I — Alt Right, white, male, and Latino — represent the glorious possibility of a 2nd American Revolution. We are educators and will not deal with politicians — this revolution must be Of, By, and For We the People — constituents in action. We hope that #RESIST (right now t-shirts and violence) will join with #UNRIG (polo shirts and non-violence) to create #2ndAmRev.

I will say bluntly  that every Member of Congress should be required to BOTH sign the Integrity Pledge AND renounce their treasonous pledge to AIPAC. America First or Israel First — the time has come to be real about what's what.

Learn more — and take a stand if you wish, at

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