Alex Jones: The Deep State Does Not Want You To Read This Memorandum!

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Alex Jones

The Deep State Doesn’t Want You To Read This Memo

A top NSC official was fired by H.R. McMaster for writing a memo warning Trump about globalist attacks

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I have been calling for the firing of Herbert McMaster from day one.  Because the President made the decision without proper vetting he appears to have missed McMaster’s being a NeverTrumper who swore an oath of allegiance to Hillary Clinton, and is also deeply compromised by his relations with John McCain, David Petraeus, and John Brennan — his complicity in the Syrian false flag attack intended to deceive the President into putting 150,000 US troops into Syria is outright treason. His tolerance of Jared Kushner wanting to give Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons with which to attack Iran is yet another demonstration of his lack of strategic integrity.

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Former national security officials call on Trump to ax McMaster: Under fire for ‘subversive insubordination’ and purging president’s loyalists

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