Owl: Charlottesville False Flag — Professional Hit, Paid Protesters? UPDATE 9 Jim Fetzer Outlines False Flag Anomalies

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Who? Who?

Murder at Charlottesville a False Flag?

Was this a false flag to shut down future conservative rallies? Note comment and video outtake about picture in this forum post (emphasis mine)

“Also, speculation of false flag. Following pic is supposed frame from vid (enhanced) as backing up. Guy looking in mirror, doesn't look scared, looks pro, all buckled up. Driving backward up street was definitely pro tier, but maybe luck.”


Alex Jones: Charlottesville Was A False Flag Run By SPLC Operatives Who Hired Actors To Pose As Nazis

#UniteTheRight was a false flag setup in order to #FrameTheRight

“What’s interesting to note is that the Charlottesville false flag happened on George Soros’ 87th birthday, perhaps this was his birthday present.”

UPDATE 9: Jim Fetzer YouTube via Berto Jongman

UPDATE 8: From Zero Hedge via Berto Jongman

Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists' In Charlotte Last Week?

The ad was posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” and offered $25 per hour to “actors and photographers” to participate in events in the “Charlotte, NC area.”  While the ad didn't explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of “actors and photographers” it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were “ok with participating in peaceful protests.”  Here is the text from the ad:

Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte

Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a “can-do” spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.

For more information about us, please visit www.crowdsondemand.com

Read full Zero Hedge article.

UPDATE 7: Berto Jongman sends us David Booth aka Sorcha Fall

Russia Reports CIA “Genocide Expert” Orchestrated Charlottesville Mob Violence

A truly shocking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “genocide expert”, named Brennan Gilmore, was a “key orchestrator” behind this past weekends racial motivated mob violence occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia—and whom Russian intelligence experts have previously blamed for being a “central figure” behind the genocidal fighting between Muslim and Christian militias in the Central African Republic.

Phi Beta Iota: David Booth is a known fabricator with a gift for connecting dots. We respect his work and find that it merits reading in part because of the excellent narrative combined with links to other reports.

UPDATE 6: More from Owl

Links to various YouTube interesting, informed commentaries on George Soros and his influence on C'Ville from Lionel Nation:

#Charlottesville: Happy Birthday George Soros, American Society Controlled Demolition and Civil War

“The mainstream sockpuppet heritage media are perpetuating the canard that #Charlottesville was a spontaneous smudge pot of hate and racist extremism when it has all the earmarks and indicia of a George Soros.”

#Charlottesville: Mob Psychology, Soros Production Choreographed Chaos, Police Stand Downs and LIHOP

Trump Can't Possibly Say the Right Thing to Satisfy Soros-Backed #Charlottesville Antifas

#Charlottesville: The MSM and Heritage Sockpuppet Media Play Let's Blame Trump

UPDATE 5: Alex Jones & Donald Trump

Phi Beta Iota: Our President should not be legitimizing this false flag event by alleging that these were real white supremacists. This was a false flag. For Donald Trump to not follow Alex Jones' lead is an abysmal failure of intelligence and integrity on the part of our President. We continue to pray that our legitimately-elected President will #UNRIG.


UPDATE 4: Further from Owl

The most interesting part of this article is the Pax Dickinson Twitter cut/paste included in it early on, because unlike the MSM reporting on this, the author of the Tweet, who was there, mentions the BIG part Antifa played in this – another indication this was a false flag (not everybody will like the commentary on the Tweet in the article, which is fine to reject, but as I suggest, focus on the quoted Tweet thread):

Pax Dickinson: “Virginia State Police had explicit orders to drive [Unite the Right] into the antifa so we’d be assaulted”

UPDATE 3: From an Alert Reader:

What if it's all a scam?  What if Jason Kessler isn't really a right-wing extremist? What if Jason Kessler used to be involved with Occupy Wall Street and was a strong Obama supporter  right up until, quite-literally to the day, Trump won the election? What if he's nothing more than a stooge?

In other words, what if Jason Kessler is just a plain old-fashioned *******-for-hire?


At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.

May I remind you that The Southern Poverty Law Center, the source of the above, is thought of as a fairly hard-left organization.  In other words, it's extremely unlikely they'd try to smear this guy with an unwarranted claim that he was involved with a hard-left cause!  Yet there's the accusation that he was formerly associated with Occupy, a socialist (if not communist) cause that was about as diametrically opposed to the KKK or “alt-right” as one can imagine.

Further, nearly all of the SPLC's documented incidents of his “hard right” behavior appear to date to just after and beyond the 2016 elections.


Again folks: What if all — or at least most — of Charlottesville was manufactured by people operating through paid stooges with the explicit intent of fomenting violence — or worse?

One of the “intended speakers” for that event, I note (no idea if he actually spoke) is someone who has apparently stated that he'd like to see a second Civil War in America.

And finally, what if — just what if — Trump knew of this jackass' history when he said that the hate and violence was present “on many sides”?

What if Trump is right and this entire incident was basically manufactured, seeking and utilizing paid stooges to set up a volatile situation which the police not only allowed to turn bad but they appear to have had a hand in intentionally stoking the violent behavior of those present by chasing off the so-called alt-right folks right into the much-larger Antifa crowd?

Oh, sure, the people who were beaten and died still were beaten and died and everyone involved in that — on both sides — needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  But it matters quite a bit, I suspect, if the so-called “Nazis” involved in this were paid Nazis — that is, stooges paid to show up, put on a “uniform” with some sort of “identity” and start trouble.  Further, one must ask: Why were the cops told to stand down, who gave that order along with the order to force the original protesters into the waiting maw of the counter-protesters and what sort of political affiliation does everyone involved in that decision hold?

Maybe there are a few more (serious) criminal charges that need to be filed than would first appear to be necessary…..

UPDATE 2: Further from Owl

Charlottesville a False Flag Involving CIA Spy and Deep State Elements?

As demonstrated in the links and quotes below, the events and happenings that led up to tragedy in Charlottesville include far too many coincidences and oddities to relegate it to the news category of mere wackos and extremists fighting each other. Readers of these items can sense something more dark and sinister and staged took place in Charlottesville.

The author of this article, Scott Creighton, shows that the video of the Challenger slamming into the crowd was taken and freely shared by a Brennan Gilmore, who was a State Dept. employee working in Africa. In Creighton's YouTube video commentary on his article and in the article, he shows documentation that Gilmore was a high ranking official who supervised special ops troops, which involved protecting an African government that was later overthrown. Creighton states Gilmore, who he says or implies has ties to the CIA, was involved in helping elect a Virginia governor who had close ties to the CIA's USAID program.

Charlottesville Attack, Brennan Gilmore and… the STOP KONY 2012 Pysop? What?

This is Gilmore's Twitter feed, which indicates he still lives or has lived in Charlottesville, VA. Another coincidence? That would be an excellent location to live in for operation planning:

“Last night a bunch of destabilization assets met around the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Va. to hold a “torchlight” rally where they chanted things like “white lives matter’ and made sure folks with cameras filming the “event” saw them giving the Nazi salute to one another. They were almost exclusively white, military age men. As expected, things got out of hand and headlines were made. No prison tats. No face tats. No AB jackets. All with short groomed hair. Damn, it almost looks like they got new recruits from the area police departments and set em to work as agent provocateurs without their masks. Later, the police recruits are marching down the street chanting “blood and soil” which is from Nazi ideology. From what I understand, no arrests were made after the rally and march in spite of the fact that you can clearly see cops chase one cop-looking guy through the crowd and put him in hand cuffs before leading him off somewhere. They were holding tiki torches and selfie sticks.”

Car Plows into Demonstrators at Unite the Right Destabilization Rally in Charlottesville Va (videos)

“This is interesting. Here is James supposedly posing with his Challenger. So when did he get the different hood and paint job? Fields was in the military a total of 4 months. Went through basic training and then left. There is a long history of various intelligence and law enforcement agencies recruiting directly from the ranks of the military and then sending those young recruits off to join various white supremacist movements and or militias. I’m not saying that is what happened with this guy, but it’s been done before.”

Who is James Alex Fields Jr.? (photos and background)

Note comment and video outtake about picture in this forum post (emphasis mine):

“Also, speculation of false flag. Following pic is supposed frame from vid (enhanced) as backing up. Guy looking in mirror, doesn't look scared, looks pro, all buckled up. Driving backward up street was definitely pro tier, but maybe luck.”


Were police told to “stand down” from someone high in the deep state pecking order, to allow violence to erupt?

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

Alex Jones: Charlottesville Was A False Flag Run By SPLC Operatives Who Hired Actors To Pose As Nazis

“What’s interesting to note is that the Charlottesville false flag happened on George Soros’ 87th birthday, perhaps this was his birthday present.”

#UniteTheRight was a false flag setup in order to #FrameTheRight

Some astute observations from an online forum thread discussing this:

“These staged events are like a Stanley Kubrick movie where every detail and every item in the background are carefully and fully planned out. For those into Masonic numerology it's interesting that the clip first zooms in on the street address “711” right before the crash. 11 is a very important number to the Occult and 7-11 also has occult meaning. The license plate of the Challenger is GVF 1111. So that's three 11s or 11+11+11=33, the highest degree in Freemasonry and a Masonic calling card. It probably all seems coincidental but given the Shriner bumper sticker on the black pick-up truck, and the fact that every False Flag has these types of details in them, and all the other suspicious facts, I suspect a rat.”

“7-11 = SEPTember 11.”

” Also, the car may have been swapped. Picture of carplowman with car from several years ago has clearly different paint from car in Cville wreck. Could have been painted but could also have been a different car. Also, mom's car has plate number GVF1122. Carplowman's plate is GVF1111. Weird.”

” guys http://puu.sh/x8VJF/02caf0ee8d.jpg
this bumper sticker on the toyota is a shriners bumper sticker. Someone in youtube comments caught this.

see the logo on the right:
shriners bumper sticker – Google Search:”

“Hired stunt driver: $5000
Disposable muscle car: $20000
Lawyer coverage: use your retainers if he needs them
Calling in a couple favors to keep things quiet: priceless
Gently nudging the course of history: surprisingly inexpensive
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.”



Ok Folks, Here’s What REALLY Happened in Charlottesville – and What Everyone is Missing

Phi Beta Iota: Brother West is missing the contrived nature of the entire event, to include the “Nazis” being paid performers and the driver doing the murder being a paid performer or a mind-controlled zombie (similar to the Charleston Church Shooting.  It is not possible to analyze such events without considering the false flag nature of the event to include staging and mind-controlled patsies.  General comment: the four part plan to destroy Donald Trump and replace him with Deep State alleged murderous pedophile Mike Pence continues.  There are moves Trump could make to still be the greatest President ever, but he seems intent on avoiding all of them and assuming that the Republican Party will retain power — it will not (we are waiting for an announcement from Julian Assange and we expect the GOP to be destroyed once the GOP Pedophilia Papers are released).

See Especially:

SPECIAL: Four-Track Program to Destroy Trump

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