Owl: Will US Military Nuke Guam in a False Flag to Blame North Korea?

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Who? Who?

Nuclear False Flag Brewing, Brought to You by US Military

If Guam is soon blown away by a nuke, as the MSM says may happen, don't assume it came from North Korea, whatever the MSM says:

“What matters for the purpose of this consideration is not whether or not North Korea does in fact have long-range nuclear capability, what matters is that the US war machine wants you to think that it does right now.

A narrative is being constructed, and our focus should be on what they are planning to use it for. If, just to put a wild example out there, Guam is flattened by a nuclear explosion next week, I will be the first person to call it a false flag. There is every reason to believe that the pervasively evil US war machine would do such a thing in order to manufacture support for its securing geopolitical dominance on China’s border, and there is no reason to believe that Kim Jong Un would spontaneously do such a thing. There is no mental illness in the DSM which is both hereditary and geared specifically toward unprovoked nuclear attacks; what they’ve been saying Kim Jong Il will do is now what they’re saying Kim Jong Un will do, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Do not believe these people.


Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea

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