Robert Steele: Open Letter to President Donald Trump UPDATE 1: Press Release with Links

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28 August 2017

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

#UNRIG was founded and has been designed from day one as a gift to you, intended to enable you as our legitimately-elected President, to use an Election Reform Act of 2017 – the Integrity Act – to restore integrity to Congress, gut the two-party tyranny that opposes you, and create the broad national power base you need to be the greatest President ever.

A national tour by myself and Cynthia McKinney will take place 3-12 September 2017. I would like to be able to say that we have spoken with you and you have agreed in principle to introduce the Election Reform Act of 2017 in September when Congress returns. I seek a 15 minute telephone call with you to discuss the immediate benefits to you and your Administration, of agreeing to do this.

If the GOP suffers a pedophilia scandal, which I believe is in the making, and you continue to alienate key Republicans being confronted by angry citizens over your Deep State wars abroad that keep you from confronting Deep State complexes here at home, you will be out of power after the 2018 mid-term elections.

Our concept and mission statement are attached, along with the three-page, core document being presented to individual Members of Congress, one Congressional District at a time.  I pray for your survival and success as our legitimately-elected President.

Sincerely yours,
Robert David Steele
Chief Enabling Officer (CeO)

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Robert David Steele, Populist – Right, and Cynthia Ann McKinney, Populist – Left, believe we should all unite to help our legitimately-elected President restore integrity to Congress. We do this by setting aside all issue differences to focus on the root issue: legislative integrity through an Election Reform Act ideally combined with a Presidential Truth & Reconciliation Initiative that offers all Members of Congress a Presidential Pardon in return for reporting how they are being blackmailed and who is blackmailing them. This frees all Members to act with integrity.


CONCEPT: Everyone without regard to race, color, creed or any other factor comes together on one core principle: Unrigging the System. #UNRIG is a big tent — ultimately we pray #UNRIG and #RESIST merge into #2ndAmRev.

MISSION: To restore integrity and truth to governance, with the informed will and wisdom of We the People at its heart.

VISION:  To enjoy a transparent government by 2022, which operates with honesty, respecting our planet and the human spirit, so that we may create a healthy, prosperous America rooted in truth with peace as our shared condition.

NEAR-TERM MECHANICS: An August event is a respectful meeting with the Member presenting the pledge and giving them 48 hours to sign it.  Then a press conference either way, and if the Member does NOT sign it, a candlelight vigil at his or her home each night for the balance of time that he is there, with a YouTube, Facebook post each day that he or she does not. Senators will be approached by multiple groups acting in unison. Only constituents may participate in local groups and meetings with Members — Cynthia and Robert are strictly limited to educational encouragement of individual citizens in their potential exercise of civic power.

LONG-TERM MECHANICS: Election Reform leads to evidence-based governance in which holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) are implemented via a national Open Source Agency (OSA), transforming our economy in favor of Main Street at one tenth the cost of the prevailing dysfunctional Western paradigm Of, By, and For the banks. The OSA also opens the way toward direct democracy founded on the collective intelligence of We the People but respecting the identity and rights of the individual sovereign states. The OSA includes a two-way Trump Channel that interacts with 150-200 million voters.

We are compliant with IRS on non-profits in political space.

The Integrity Pledge

The Election Reform Integrity Pledge is designed to bring constituents together with the individual Representatives, one Congressional District at a time (435 in all, separately from 100 Senators), both to present the Statement of Demand and the outline of the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 in advance of forceful demands from  Summer 2017 onward–and to give each Representative an opportunity to “come back to We the People” by signing the Pledge and immunizing themselves from the very strong anti-Congress, anti-bi-opoly sentiments that will characterize the November 2018 Elections.  Using this pledge, a national scoreboard will be created, marking each Representative Green, Yellow, or Red.  Those that are not Green by 1 October 2018 should anticipate near-universal rejection at the polls in 2018.

Election Integrity Pledge [2.0]

I, ________________________________, pledge to the people of the _____ district of the State

of _______________________ and to the American People that I will

actively engage with all of my constituents during the summer recess of 2017, to discuss the twelve elements of the proposed Election Reform Act of 2017, and refine those elements in so far as my constituents desire to do so; and

co-sponsor and vote for the Election Reform Act of 2017 such that it is passed no later than 7 November 2017 but preferably in September 2017 when Congress reconvenes.










Statement of Demand

Statement of Demand [3.4]

Whereas the two entrenched political parties have excluded any alternative parties as well as Independents and No Party Preference candidates and voters – displacing democracy – organized people – with a form of plutocracy – organized money;

Whereas the U.S. Government, irrespective of which of the two entrenched political parties has been “in power,” has failed to represent We the People and instead legalized theft by Wall Street and various special interests across all policy domains;

Whereas the U.S. national budget is out of control and being used by the two entrenched political parties to reward speculators who contribute to re-election campaigns (with 5% of the taxpayer-funded earmark being the standard “contribution”);

We the General Assembly and all those who place the US Constitution, citizenship, and the common good above party, and who place integrity above the now-standard corrupt practices of both the U.S. Government and the varied corporations that have hijacked not only the U.S. economy but the global economy,


No later than 7 November 2017, that the President of the United States of America and the Congress of the United States, shall introduce and then pass the Election Reform Act of 2017.

The elements of this Act once confirmed by the public during the summer of 2017, are not negotiable. The Act will include all twelve of the provisions as set forth in the Act as it has been presented for public review, discussion, validation and, as desired, revision and extension.

If the U.S. Government fails to enact the Election Reform Act of 2017 by 7 November 2017, a nationwide General Strike will be called, and We the People will immediately begin to work toward the impeachment, recall, and/or public disenfranchisement of each Senator and each Representative failing to support the passage of the Election Reform Act.

DRAFT ACT (Starting Point for National Conversation in September 2017)

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One Citizen’s Summary:

1. End Legislation Written by Lobbyists and Passed Through Bribes and Blackmail (11)
2. End All Forms of Voter Suppression & Fraud (1, 2, and 8)
• Election Day Obstacles to Voting
• Ballet Access Restrictions
• Universal Registration
• Dead Voters Voting
• Right to Vote for Prisoners Constitutionally Protected
3. Return to Paper Ballots Counted Publicly on Site (9)
4. End Gerrymandering Districts to Favor Incumbents (3)
5. Public Funding for All Candidates (4)
6. Free and Equal Airtime for All Candidates (5)
7. All Parties Included in Political Debates (6)
8. End Party Manipulation of Nominee Choice (7 & 12)
9. Majority Winner Instead of Fractional Winner (10)

UPDATE 1: Press Release with Links

Press Release: #UNRIG Leadership Offered to President Donald Trump by EIN CEO Robert Steele

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