Stephen E. Arnold: Google to Fund News — Only Google-Approved News with Be “True” News

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google-Publishers Partnership Chases True News

It appears as though Google is taking the issue of false information, and perhaps even their role in its perpetuation, seriously; The Drum reveals, “Google Says it Wants to Fund the News, Not Fake It.” Reporters Jessica Goodfellow and Ronan Shields spoke with Google’s Madhav Chinnappa to discuss the Digital News Initiative (DNI), which was established in 2015. The initiative, a project on which Google is working with European news publishers, aims to leverage technology in support of good journalism. As it turns out, Wikipedia’s process suggests an approach; having discussed the “collaborative content” model with Chinnappa, the journalists write:

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Phi Beta Iota: #GoogleGestapo is evil, unbalanced, unreliable, and a threat to humanity. It take’s covert operations, information warfare,  mass surveillance, and outright lies to the next level, both promoting fake news, and repressing truth.

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