Barbara Marx Hubbard: Planetary Awakening, Emergence of Homo Universalis

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

The Planetary Awakening of a New Humanity

Findhorn Fellow, futurist and evolutionary biologist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, on the emergence of a new species – Homo Universalis – Universal Human! While there’s a crisis on Earth of what’s breaking down, there’s also a different kind of breakthrough happening in countless humans who feel that something more is emerging in them. If you’re spiritually turned on and vocationally aroused to be more, do more, love more and create more, then Barbara says you’re part of the new species. Barbara is assembling a team of this new species that will lead to a planetary awakening of a new humanity which will help to solve existing problems and envision our emerging potential. Find out more at

Video (4:32)

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