Robert Steele: President Mark Cuban in 2020?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

It's a bit pre-mature to talk about running against Donald Trump in 2020. We need to see how the 100+ indictments play out; how deeply Attorney General Jeff Sessions tapped into the unprocessed NSA databases (I and one other told him he could easily nail 2,500 traitors, pedophiles, and frauds (both charity and electoral) if he followed our 26 May 2017 advisory); and whether the President will champion the Election Reform Act of 2017; an Open Source Agency with a  Trump Channel; and a Grand Strategy conversation with America.

As Mark Cuban contemplates a run in 2020, he has already said he will do so as an Independent. If he does run, there are some moves he can make now — and in the campaign season for 2018 — what will be good for America regardless of what President Donald Trump does in the balance of his term.

  1. Respect the President as a disruptor who has called out the Deep State and the traitors, pedophiles, and criminals that keep the Deep State in power….force the pace with the President on additional innovations.
  2. Champion the Election Reform Act and challenge the President to introduce the Act — campaign hard for any Independent or small party challenger — or any incumbent — who commits to the Act — make this about the 99% versus the 1%.
  3. Create a Sunshine Cabinet equal if not superior to the President's existing Cabinet, and combine live-streams of actual Sunshine Cabinet meetings with seven-minute “fireside chats” from each on what threats, policies, and costs constituents should be considering in relation to what is and what could be.
  4. Create a Balanced Budget and offer it to America for discussion at the line item level; constantly challenge the existing bloated federal budget known to be 50% waste.
  5. Sponsor a Grand Strategy Summit, first within each of the 50 states where Independent and small party candidates can challenge incumbents to be present or be gone, and then at the national level with live-streaming.
  6. Sponsor a virtual Constitutional Convention, first within each  of the 50 states where Independent and small party candidates can challenge incumbents to be present or be gone, and then at the national level with live-streaming.
  7. Sponsor an Open Source Agency funded at $125M in 2018, $250M in 2019, and $500M in 2020, and let me and my little black book challenge  the US Government on every point of fact across all threats, policies, and costs, rapidly mirroring this capability at state and local levels.

If Mark Cuban does the above seven things, this will be a win-win. On the one hand, the President — our legitimately-elected President — could be inspired to do what I have been trying to get him to do since July 2015. On the other hand, Mark Cuban will garner more earned media — not only at the national level but at the state and local levels — than Donald Trump or any other candidate including alleged pedophile Joe Biden.

If Mark Cuban pure of heart with no sexual or financial improprieties in his background? I dare to hope this is so. He is right — anybody can be President in 2020, as long as they have a billion dollars to spend and the above seven ideas.

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