#UNRIG Phase II — The Year of the Independent UPDATE 1

#UNRIG, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Robert David STEELE Vivas

#UNRIG Phase II – The Year of the Independent

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Forthcoming in Independent Voter Network

UPDATE 1: http://tinyurl.com/UNRIG-JOIN now open. 435 groups, one for each Congressional District, twice as good as MeetUp at a quarter of the price.


Phase I of #UNRIG,[1] in which I teamed up with Cynthia McKinney to offer the provocative vision of an alt-right white guy and former spy and then non-profit educator united with an alt-left black woman and six-term Member of Congress who refused to sign the pledge to place Israel First, is over.[2] Our campaign was fatally wounded by #GoogleGestapo, a Deep State system of control and censorship that combined media hits jobs, MeetUp paid network cancellations, and hundreds of trolls who can get any person or institution labeled as a hater, spammer, or – the latest – purveyor of pornographic content. Read the article – it is the first-ever over-all description of “the system” that appears to be harmonized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on behalf of the Deep State.[3]

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Robert Steele: President Mark Cuban in 2020?

Cultural Intelligence
Robert David STEELE Vivas

It's a bit pre-mature to talk about running against Donald Trump in 2020. We need to see how the 100+ indictments play out; how deeply Attorney General Jeff Sessions tapped into the unprocessed NSA databases (I and one other told him he could easily nail 2,500 traitors, pedophiles, and frauds (both charity and electoral) if he followed our 26 May 2017 advisory); and whether the President will champion the Election Reform Act of 2017; an Open Source Agency with a  Trump Channel; and a Grand Strategy conversation with America.

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HOME PAGE: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?

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NEW: Updated chapter, 70 anomalies, 166 notes, 58 pages now including copy of certified letter to director of the FBI James Comey.


Steele, Robert. The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?, Amazon Kindle, June 24, 2016, 58 pages, $3.69.

Steele, Robert. The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?, Amazon Paperback, June 24, 2016, 58 pages, $6.39.


Robert Steele: Open Letter to Mr. James Comey, FBI Director, on Indicting Hillary Clinton and Telling the Truth About Orlando

Robert Steele: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?


DOC (1 Page): Letter to FBI Director on Clinton and Orlando R

DOC: (58 Pages): CHAPTER The Orlando Mass Casualty Event 2.2

I have executed a false flag operation – no one died – for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The term “false flag” means nothing more or less than “not what it seems.” The FBI, our final line of defense against domestic treason or foreign covert operations on US soil, appears to have sacrificed its integrity and turned false flag terrorism into a budget-building campaign.

The following groups of anomalous questions are addressed:

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Review (Guest): Intelligence for Earth – Clarity, Diversity, Integrity & Sustainability

6 Star Top 10%, Best Practices in Management, Change & Innovation, Complexity & Resilience, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Democracy, Economics, Education (General), Education (Universities), Environment (Solutions), Future, Information Operations, Information Society, Intelligence (Commercial), Intelligence (Public), Intelligence (Wealth of Networks), Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class, Philosophy, Politics, Priorities, Public Administration, Stabilization & Reconstruction, Technology (Bio-Mimicry, Clean), Threats (Emerging & Perennial), True Cost & Toxicity, Truth & Reconciliation, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized), War & Face of Battle, Water, Energy, Oil, Scarcity
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5.0 out of 5.0 Stars One visionary's way out of the Corporate Feudalism/International Conflict trap

By Herbert L Calhoun on April 1, 2014

In this book, the author, drawing extensively on his intelligence and military background, has cleanly written an easy to follow book, that outlines a careful course of action for developing a new kind of global information sharing infrastructure. To be headquartered at the UN, this new infrastructure would make it possible for every organization (and through them, everyone) on the globe to share open-source intelligence equally as a free public resource. If it is successful, this new global brain could transform our world from its current insecurity-driven and corrupt corporate dominated lose-lose, economic and conflict trap, into a much revived win-win strategy for bottom-up collective survival in a peaceful and sustainable world economy.

At least that is the theoretical hope and vision. On paper, and in principle, it is a stunningly sexy and attractive vision, one that, should it prove operationally testable and feasible, could indeed have the important side benefit and advantage of creating new bottom-up wealth, energizing the world economy and easing world tensions by reducing mistrust and fear back down to the noise level.

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