Amazon Kindle: Creating a Post-Western (Post-Google) Internet: An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All (Trump Revolution Book 22)

06 Russia, Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency
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The recent decision by President Vladimir Putin to create an independent Internet with a separate Domain Name System (DNC) that is impervious to Western attack including data corruption and mis-representation is a good decision. President Putin’s desire to have such an independent Internet in place by August 2018 is ambitious but achievable. It is a great pity that the BRICS have wasted four years since they first considered this essential need.

In this brief illustrated provocation intended to help President Vladimir Putin and other BRIC leaders contemplate the possibilities, I offer twelve points that I believe could help shape the post-Western Internet in such a way as to achieve infinite wealth (and thus stabilization and peace) for the 99%, while re-asserting national sovereignty and national values as well as local kinship and cohesion across Russia and each country desiring to defeat the Deep State and the Zionists who are the foundation for the Deep State in every country they seek to subvert.

Donald Trump should want a post-Western Internet because it will bury the Deep State and the Fake News / False Flag cycle of persistent lies that keep the Deep State alive. This manifesto is as much an appeal to Donald Trump as it is to his two co-equals.

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