Dan Schultz: The (Republican) Precinct Project

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Worth a look. 50% of the Republican precinct positions are vacant and available for filling by true conservatives.  These are the seats that actually elect the Republican leaders who run for office and manage the Party.

One paragraph and two vital links below the fold.

Short version:

The best way conservative President Donald J. Trump supporters can help President Trump make America great again is to become an elected or appointed Republican Party precinct committeeman where they live because then they can help elect conservative, Trump-supporting Republican candidates win the all-important, usually-very-low-turnout primary elections and again in the general election because they will get access to the Party's Get Out The Vote software (GOP Data Center and Advantage) and they will be able to vote in the internal Republican Party elections, along with the approximately 200,000 existing precinct committeemen, and along with the approximately 200,000 other new conservative precinct committeemen, for the best conservative candidates for all of the committee chairmen at the local district, county, and state committees (the state chairman is a member of the RNC), in some cases casting direct votes and in some cases voting to elect electors, and also for the electors of their state's other two members of the RNC, their national committeeman and national committeewoman.

Web with videos & links: https://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com/

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