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Open Source Networking and a Vision of Fully Automated Networks

Transforming telecom

As an example of transformative change that is now underway, Joshipura pointed to the telecom industry. “For the past 137 years, we saw proprietary solutions,” he said. “But in the past several years, disaggregation has arrived, where hardware is separated from software. If you are a hardware engineer you build things like software developers do, with APIs and reusable modules.  In the telecom industry, all of this is helping to scale networking deployments in brand new, automated ways.”

Joshipura especially emphasized that automating cloud, network and IoT services will be imperative going forward. He noted that enterprise data centers are working with software-defined networking models, but stressed that too much fragmented and disjointed manual tooling is required to optimize modern networks.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The single best line I ever wrote, helping the Commandant of the Marine Corps explain to Congress in 1992 why the Marine Corps, alone among the services, had ONE flag officer in charge of BOTH communications and intelligence, is below:

“Communications without intelligence is noise; intelligence without communications is irrelevant.”

Major telecommunications companies — my long-time favorite AT&T comes to mind — appear to have realized that #GoogleGestapo is their nemesis. The post-Google Internet must integrate banking, communications, content, education, governance, and more. The integration of communications and content (and sense-making and sharing) must be total.

There are three big things happening right now that I believe will converge to destroy #GoogleGestapo and create the Autonomous Internet:

01 All the Title 7 and related lawsuits against AdSense, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube will come together and agree to use discovery to get to the conspiracy among all of these Deep State entities.

02 Open Source and blockchain will come together to create the Autonomous Internet with four crypto modules: value, exchanges including voting, tools, and data-information-intelligence. Individual sovereignty applications (“you own your own data”) will destroy the “walled gardens”.

03 Russia will take the lead in creating a post-Western Internet that reaches the 50% now being ignored by the West (who are not on the Internet at all).

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