Mongoose: Deep State Attack #4 on President Donald Trump — The Russians Funded Trump Post 9/11 — Used Real Estate to Launder Money

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This is the fourth of the Deep State attacks on our legitimately-elected President Donald Trump. The first three, all failures, were the attempt to flip the Electoral College (treason); the manufacture of lies about Russians hacking the election (treason); and the most recent attempt to have the President perceived as mentally unstable (treason).

Mark Sumner, “Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses,” The Daily Kos, 9 January 2017.

Mark Sumner, “Trump's wealth comes from money laundering, and it's gotten worse since he entered the White House,” The Daily Kos, 12 January 2017.

Phi Beta Iota: After the US destroyed the Russian economy with the Gold War managed by Buzzy Krongard at the right hand of George Tenet and by direction of Dick Cheney and George Bush Senior, the Russian oligarchs spread their money everywhere. Trump is an easy target but he is the norm, not the exception. The elite — of all nationalities — love limited liability companies and others ways of obscuring their money. This is also the norm. What is a FACT is that Donald Trump is our legitimately-elected President and taking on the Deep State (1%). He has not pivoted yet to embrace and empower the 99%, but if and when he does that, we project that all minor transgressions will be forgiven — the elephant in the room is the Deep State — the 1% — not Donald Trump.

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