Nafeez Ahmed: Facebook will become more powerful than the NSA in less than 10 years …

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Nafeez Ahmed

Facebook will become more powerful than the NSA in less than 10 years — unless we stop it

What do NATO, private military contractors, giant arms manufacturers, wine merchants, the NSA, Trump, British property tycoons, Russian oligarchs, and Big Oil have in common? The world’s largest social network

We reveal for the first time [Cambridge Analytica’s] sweeping interlinkages with powerful Anglo-American political and economic interests; the NATO national security complex; military intelligence agencies; private military contractors accused of illegal activity and incompetence; the global fossil fuel industry; and a pro-Tory British financial oligarchy with massive investments in British and Russian property markets. Rather than representing a grand conspiracy, these interlocking networks grant us a window into the structural alignment of power in which they operate.

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman for the pointer.

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Phi Beta Iota: Apart from Facebook as a massive colllection of sociopaths is the idiocy of governments and corporations thinking that Facebook is in some way a superior source of open information — in fact most of what is on Facebook is crap, remote from holistic analytics and true cost information, in effect 1% (opinion) of 1% (published peer reviewed knowledge) of 1% (written knowledge) or 1% (known but not published).

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