Robert Steele: Seeking 12 People with 500K Each — Affordable Paradise, Protected Rights

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The last totally isolated set of 106 islands has been incorporated under license within a protected forestry region of Indonesia toward becoming the world’s first Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) eco-resort. I have agreed to be the security and intelligence officer for this endeavor

A very very limited number of investors will own a luxury zero footprint villa with free energy, unlimited desalinated water, and high-speed Internet.  The organizer is seeking 12 individuals able to provide $500K each in five scheduled payments. This buys up to two months of the year for each of 15 years of exclusive use of the villa built to agreed upon standards, and shared use of the entire private island development including the restaurant, library, bar, dive centre, boats, spa and so forth. A mix of silent and active partnership and revenue-sharing options are available. This is the “first in” price, the equivalent price is expected to escalate very rapidly toward $1-3M each over the next five to ten years. This is a long-term multi-generational play.

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Email me if you are a “qualified investor” and seriously interested in leasing a piece of the exclusive successor to Tahiti as it once was. The next team visit to the islands is planned for the second week in February.