Robert Steele: Fire & Fury Confirms The Accidental President UPDATE 6: UNHINGED? The Full Review

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Long before Fire & Fury I nailed it. No one wanted to believe it. I got the accidental part right.  I seriously underestimated both the cleverness of the President in going after the 1% once he realized he was in fact the President, and the vulnerability of Mike Pence — back-stabber-in-chief — to eventually being indicted as complicit if not participant in alleged murderous pedophile and related state-wide fraud operations. Fat lady waiting to sing….this appears to be a race between Pence to impeach Trump, and Trump to indict Pence.  I am reminded of the race between Kennedy to indict Johnson, and Johnson to assassinate Kennedy.

I continue to support our President — if he attends to my suggested 3 moves to triumph he wins big — but I am concerned about Steve Bannon's cited odds: 33.3% impeachment, 33.3% resignation, 33.3% limping to the finish line. With Mike Pence, Herbert McMaster, and Jared Kushner as well as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all stabbing the President in the back, he needs to rethink his short game — the long game is assured if he can implement Trump Triumph in 3 Moves.

In my view, my three suggestions are the only way he will defeat the growing move to remove him using the 25th Amendment with the false claim that he is insane.

From The Hill:

Trump was allegedly surprised by his victory in 2016

Leading up to Election Day in 2016, Trump and several aides reportedly believed he would not be president.

Instead, he told one staffer, he would lose and still be “the most famous man in the world,” and would exit the campaign with a strong business brand, Wolff wrote.

But as the results came in and indicated Trump may actually win the election, Donald Trump Jr. is said to have told a friend that his father looked as if he had seen a ghost.

First Lady Melania Trump was in tears, Wolff wrote.

Bannon watched Trump shift from befuddled, to disbelieving to horrified, Wolff wrote.

UPDATE 6: Here is the full review of the book, which is one third lied that absolutely justify a federal lawsuit for defamation, and attendant discovery.

Robert Steele: Book Review Essay – UNHINGED? Donald Trump, His Family, His Appointees, and Everyone Else

UPDATE 5: Pence would need a majority of the Cabinet to press for a 25th Amendment mental unfitness unseating of the President. Rex Tillerson just blew that up.

Tillerson says he's ‘never questioned' Trump's mental fitness

Tillerson also pushed back against characterizations in the Wolff book that Trump lacks the attention span and focus to get through meetings with foreign leaders, sometimes leaving them early.

“I have never seen the president leave a meeting with a foreign leader,” Tillerson said, adding that “among all the Cabinet secretaries, I probably have spent more time with the President than perhaps Secretary (of) Defense (James) Mattis, who spends a lot of time with him as well.”

And in policy deliberations on tough issues ranging from North Korea to Afghanistan to South Asia policy in Pakistan to the ISIS campaign, the President “has been very deliberative, he has listened to the arguments, he argues back as he should … and in the end, he makes a decision which we then implement,” Tillerson said. “I would tell you on all of the major policy areas, the President has made the right decision on every one of those.”

UPDATE 4: Alex Jones On Top of ZeroHedge

Yale Shrink Tells Lawmakers Trump Is “Uncontainable, Going To Unravel” In Renewed 25th Amendment Push

UPDATE 3: The emerging coup that will put alledged murderous pedophile Mike Pence into the Presidency as the Deep State's “top servant.”

Washington's growing obsession: The 25th Amendment

The President Is Mentally Unwell — and Everyone Around Him Knows It

In passing: left and right commentaries on the book:

The Bubble: Michael Wolff's book a ‘gift' to Trump, liberals say

UPDATE 2: “You Can’t Make This S— Up”: My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House

UPDATE  1: Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President

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