Owl: Max Forte on Steve Bannon – Impeaching Trump to Prevent Nuclear War with North Korea and US Troops into Syria & Lebanon?

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Who? Who?

This Canadian academic, who has written excellent lengthy essays on Trump, offers a wild theory as what Bannon’s motives may be: https://twitter.com/ZeroAnthro/status/948728636617707530

Note this from Forte:

“While Trump is coldly calculating that war with NK will wipe out economic competitors like Japan and South Korea, he is also gambling that NK cannot wipe out several US cities, esp. on the west coast. Do Americans understand this?”

Another one from Forte: “Trump’s much vaunted “loyalty” to his supporters has repeatedly been proven false. To appease neocons and neoliberals, he hung out to dry Manafort, Flynn, and many others, while promoting globalists. Steve Bannon was not going to take it.”

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am not giving up on Donald Trump. Having been proven right about our President’s accidental but no-less-legitimate election, and wrong about his ability to go after the 1% including the Governors and other state-level officials, I will not abandon him unless he does use nuclear weapons against North Korea or introduce US troops into Syria and/or Lebanon. I am very concerned by the build-ups in Egypt and Jordan. If our President continues on his present course with the NSA-data and 9,000+ sealed indictments, he is within striking distance of being the greatest president ever IF AND ONLY IF he also engages with the 99% and empowers the 70% disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny in time to elect a swing vote into Congress in November 2018. Too many seem to think Trump is a chump. The latest book, Fire and Fury, is designed to destroy Trump and set him up for impeachment.  An off-setting perspective is provided by Newt Gingrich in Understanding Trump. I will be reading and reviewing both books in the next two weeks. He — and Bannon — must agree that Zionist control of the US economy, entertainment, government, media, and society is OVER. Take that domino down, then the Vatican, then the Fed, and everything else will develop in a most astonishingly positive manner.

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