Mongoose: Pope, Podesta, Pedophilia — Red Shoes

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Red shoes, Podesta and pedophile symbols (pizzagate)

Look at the shoes on second pic from an email sent to Tony Podesta from Ashok Mahbubani :

A man shows off his red shoes in front of the pope (is it him?), smiling. The mail says : “Attached are pictures that capture some of the spirit of the evening -** at a couple of different levels**.”

Like for Podesta 65th birthday. Wow, everybody had red shoes !

Why red shoes ? Because of wizard of oz

In Wizard of oz, Judy Garland go “over the rainbow”(BOOM pedophile symbol) thanks to her red shoes. And “nothing will never be the same”.

Thanks to her rubby slippers, judy walks in a yellow spiral (BOOM FBI pedophile logo) to go to the magic world, a color world :

Not sure ? Look further : Tony has the exact same shoes than the 2011 Debbie reynolds’s shoes on “red shoes wizard of oz” wikipedia page : Arabian red shoe.

BONUS : Soros’s son at Spirit cooking event. Guess the color of his shoes ?

They recognize each other, wearing red shoes. That means : We take the children over the rainbow, to abuse and kill them. That’s a very funny stuff to show off these shoes to the pope !

BONUS 2 : Biljana djurdjevic, T Podesta favorite “artist”, paint some children tortured with red shoes

Maybe There is a connection between Podesta, Saudi arabia and children and human trafficking

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