Betty Boop: UN Aid Pedophilia is Pervasive

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The prostitution claims surrounding Oxfam don’t surprise me. I’ve seen it all before with charities across the world – and the UN

Just when I thought my opinion of pro-prostitution lobbyists could not get any lower, I see a tweet by one about the Oxfam scandal: “Buying sex from professionals is not sexual misconduct and women in Haiti may well have been glad to get the sex work. I hate prissy Establishment fiddle-faddle implying ‘development’ workers are ethical puritans or saints.”

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: There are five forms of global crime that loot the 99% for the 1%: banks, governments, charities, corporations, and “organized crime.” All are deeply integrated with one another — all have murderous pedophiles at the very highest levels.

Banks are now known to have stolen $21 trillion or more from the US Treasury.

Governments are now known to willfully committed to borrowing half their budgets, funding programs that are universally documents as 50% waste, and selling decisions to the 1% instead of using evidence-based decision-making in the public interest.

Charities including religions are now known to deliver “at best” 20% of the funds to the end-user, often in unusable forms, and more often than not 1% to 5% — the rest is divided between outright looting (eg Clinton Foundation) and inflated salaries and first-class travel at the top, slave wages at the bottom.

Corporations are now known to eschew “true cost economics” and to favor the “big box swindle” that is 90% profit for the 1%, and imposes on the 99% true costs of pollution so shocking there is an active collaboration among banks, governments, and charities to repress this information.

“Organized crime” is more often that not a full partner with governments, banks (providing liquidity), and others.

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Note: Robert Steele's book reviews have been removed from Amazon by his own demand.  Amazon has no integrity — it is banning books and reviews — and in some instances digitally assassinating individual authors — that are critical of Zionism.  Jeff Bezos is no more to be trusted than Eric Schmidt. The time to bury Amazon and Google (and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) has come.

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Steele, Robert. “Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet: An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All,” Russian International Affairs Council, February 5, 2018.


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