Phantom Phixer: Trump’s American Heritage Strategy — Best Case Analysis for Team Trump (not the GOP) Sweeping the House and Senate in 2018

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

Trump’s “American Heritage Pheromone Fumigation” of The Federal Gov’t and The Coming Defenestration of The Deep State

President Trump . . . is building a governing coalition -AFTER- he was elected. He was his own party faction in the GOP and he is willing and messaging into existence a resurgent, predominantly working class/suburban/rural “Heritage America” as his governing coalition. This general public coalition is dragging existing GOP party factions to Pres. Trump to unite the GOP under his banner.

The Senate filibuster now is about retaining the “Uniparty” elites last real hold on elective power in DC. The GOPe Senators who want to keep the filibuster want to use it against political factions in their own party, not the Democrats. The Senate filibuster’s destruction will mark the full blossom of Trump’s populist hostile take over of the Federal government.
And carefully note, those pro-filibuster GOP senators are mostly #NeverTrump, open borders, tools of the Deep State, and they start throwing accusations off racism, sexism, Alt-Right white nationalism etc when ever Trump uses his “American Heritage Pheromone” shtick.

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