Stephen E. Arnold: CIA Seeks Universal Text Translator [Robert Steele: CIA Remains Stupid, Has Not Learned a Damn Thing Since 1986]

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Stephen E. Arnold

Universal Text Translation Is the Next Milestone for AI

As the globe gets smaller, individuals are in more contact with people who don’t speak their language. Or, we are reading information written in a foreign language. Programs like Google Translate are flawed at best and it is clear this is a niche waiting to be filled. With the increase of AI, it looks like that is about to happen, according to a recent GCN article, “IARPA Contracts for Universal Text Translator.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: CIA has not learned a damn thing since they built the Artificial Intelligence Staff around me in 1986, to pursue two projects that DDA Bill Donnelly sold to DCI Bill Casey over the furious objections of both the DDO and the DDI: Project GEORGE (for the clandestine service including natural text recognition, counterintelligence heuristics and operational maps with memories) and Project TESS (intended to give analysts the CATALYST system designed by Diane Webb and Dennis McCormick under the supervision of Gordon Oehler, and persistently refused by the idiots in charge of the DI).  IARPA is an expensive bad joke, exceeded only by DARPA.  70% of CIA needs to be shut-down, and HUMINT brought under honest adult leadership not to be found at CIA today.

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