Yoda: Chabad a Satanic Jewish Supremacist Cult Rescued by the Nazis?

Civil Society, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Nazis Rescued Leader of Jewish Supremacist Cult. Why?

Is Chabad the “head of the Illuminati snake?” 

by Henry Makow Ph.D
In January 1940, Gestapo members were bewildered to see a party of 18 Orthodox Jews riding first-class on a train from Warsaw to Berlin.

Their Abwehr escorts explained that they were under “full diplomatic protection.”

Phi Beta Iota: Preliminary indications are that the Rebbe of the Chabad is co-equal to the two Popes (black and white) and the Rothschild pater familias. Zionism is at a minimum a major surveillance, blackmail, and enforcement part of the Deep State. Any serious counterintelligence endeavor against the Deep State must take down all three of these pillars.

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