Stephen E. Arnold: #GoogleGestapo Google Censorship — Wrong Ways, Wrong Reasons

Commerce, Corruption, Media
Stephen E. Arnold

Google is filtering news for the wrong reason

Google is trying to minimize threats to its business, to avoid any kind of criticism that could lead to regulation

Phi Beta Iota: Avoiding regulation — and pleasing advertisers who do not want their advertising associated with facts and opinions antithetical to their own corrupt practices — are two relatively legitimate reasons for manipulating the search algorithms. The large construct is both macro-economic and political.  At the macro-economic level, #GoogleGestapo is designed to be sold to dictators who demands total censorship capabilities; at the political level #GoogleGestapo is a surrogate for the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly that censors, crowd-stalks, and digitally assassinates anyone who dares to be critical of Zionist influence or banking control.

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