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I strongly recommend that every thoughtful patriot click on the first link in the text and read the free online article by James Bamford before reading my reflections.

James Bamford is arguably the finest open source researcher on the topic of the National Security Agency in history. Among his many works the best have been Body of Secrets and Pretext for War. His latest article is an absorbing mix of compelling insights and reckless ignorance. To his credit — but lost in the noise of his vitriolic hatred and defamation against our President, he acknowledges that the US intelligence community is comprised of “deeply problematic institutions.”

There are three gems and three mis-steps in Jim’s article.

Specifics provided within the Kindle.

Very few articles these days warrant my attention. It is a credit to Jim that he has put in one place some real gems and it is understandable that he has failed to see the obvious: the President is right, the spies are wrong, there can be only one winner. My money is on the President to win by a length.

Once the Koreas are unified, the restructuring of the failed IC can begin, for it will be obvious to the public that just was with the Soviet Union, the IC has been wrong on every major issue facing America for the last quarter century. This is an IC that does not do holistic analytics, true cost economics, or Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), the latter reducing the cost of everything to 10% by scrubbing both waste and excess profit.

Spies wrong, President right.

God Bless America.

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