Berto Jongman: Sorcha Faal (Gifted Fabricator) Weaves the FBI-CIA Obama-Clinton US-Iran Story Together in a Most Compelling Manner

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“I don't make this shit up!”

Bombshell Report Reveals President Putin Presented Special Counsel Robert Mueller With “Hero Of The Russian Federation” Medal

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Former FBI, Wounded Warrior Abandoned by CIA?

01 CIA fucked up and left Robert Levinson to die in Iran over a bullshit mission.

02 FBI tried to rescue him with help of Russian billionaire and Russian government.

03 Obama-Clinton egged on by Brennan went batshit crazy.

04 Iran was bribed by Obama-Clinton with billions, a lot of which stuck to their sticky fingers and was shared with Merkle, Macon and his predecessor and others, and all those names are going to be released by Iran soon.

05 Attorney General Jefferson Sessions seriously screwed up in recusing himself on the false Russian interference allegations because that left the way open for an Obama-Clinton Deputy Attorney General to overturn decades of proper protocol and start a witchhunt with a Special Council instead of relying on the existing Campaign Finance Task Force.

07 Mueller is now being torn apart and laughed at by the Court for indicting a “ham sandwich” for violations that did not occur in the context of laws that do not exist.

07 Trump has pulled off a brilliant righteous reset.

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Benjamin Fulford: Trump’s Secret Iran Plan (Very Very Clever)

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