Owl: Is USA Planning False Flag In Syria to Start War? Plus Flakey “Legal Notice” from US Delegates to Iranian Conference

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New false flag brewing in Syria? With Jerusalem now the new headquarters city of the US embassy there, it’s time to invade Syria.  Information in this link sourced in a Russian publication:

A recent article, published in early May by Russian news agency RIA Novosti, should raise concern, as it exposes alleged plans for another gas-attack provocation in Syria. According to the report, preparations for a staged chemical weapons attack began late last month as civilians were relocated to a territory near Jafra oil field in Eastern Syria, where they will participate in a staged filming of a chemical-weapons attack scene. According to South Front, a U.S. military garrison was recently established in this area. The report, based on the testimony of an anonymous member of the Syrian security services, claimed that an attack was being planned by U.S. security services and would employ “prohibited substances” against a group of civilians…

If a chemical weapons attack is again being planned, as reports suggest, this provocation would likely be more significant than previous such attacks and would likely result in a more drastic response from Western powers. This is because Jafra oil field, where the staged attack is allegedly being planned/staged, lies within the portion of the Deir Ez Zor governorate that is under the control of the United States and its armed proxy group, the SDF. Past chemical weapons attacks that have been blamed on the Syrian government, have all occurred in areas held by Syrian rebel groups, such as Idlib province and Eastern Ghouta. If such an attack comes to pass, it would be the first such provocation blamed on Assad to take place in territory occupied by a foreign power.This is significant, as it would open the door to a greater show of American military force as retaliation. While past U.S. interventions that have followed alleged chemical weapons attacks have been justified out of concern for Syrian civilians, a subsequent intervention would instead be justified as having endangered U.S. military assets and allies, warranting a larger response. Indeed, U.S. special forces have been shown to be embedded with SDF forces in some areas.


Prediction of New False Flag Attack in Syria Seems to Fit US Escalation Plans

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: There are seven US Governments, not one. Donald Trump is in charge of Donald Trump and select elements of the rest of the government that choose to be loyal to him. Within the Departments of Defense and State there are at least seven strands, six of which are to one extend or another in betrayal of the public trust, including the Zionist element, the Vatican element, the Freemason element, the Wall Street element, the pedophile element, the straight up criminal element, and one other catch-all element. The USA does not have a counterintelligence capability worthy of the name. I have confidence in our President, and no confidence in the elements of government that are ostensibly supporting him.  Let's see what the summer brings us.

At the same time, the perfidy of the Zionist government itself cannot be over-stated. They have already attacked their own positions in Syria to justify counter-attacks, and according to the below article, a group of international delegates including Phil Giraldi, a former CIA clandestine case officer and valued staff member to Ron Paul, have sent President Trump a “legal notice” that strikes me as somewhat flakey but worthy of notice.


Trump served legal notice warning of Israeli false flag operation

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