Otto Scharmer: Post-Truth, Post-Democracy, Post-Human – How You Can Reconnect and Transform

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

How to Access Your Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage

We all face the abyss of three great divides: ecological, social, spiritual.

Post-Truth: Trapped in fake news digital echo chambers. You can’t know, nobody knows.

Post-Democracy: Families, communities, societies breaking apart. You can’t connect, nobody can.

Post Human: Lost connection and agency. You can’t transform, nobody can.


  • new social media and learning infrastructures that blend inspiring stories from the viewpoint of the change makers with deep listening practices and tools, effectively transforming the meta-trend of post-truth into a new culture of collaborative learning that integrates head, heart, and hand;
  • new democratic infrastructures that link rule makers and citizens through novel formats of direct and dialogic modes of participation, effectively transforming the meta-trend of post-democracy into a new distributed practice of whole systems co-sensing and dialogue;
  • new economic infrastructures that connect diverse constellations of economic actors working to create sustainable well-being for all, effectively transforming the post-human meta-trend into new economic and civilizational institutions and practices.

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Phi Beta Iota: Professor Schummer of MIT makes some useful points but he completely misses the reality that it is not Donald Trump, but rather the Deep State, the Zionists, Hollywood, and #GoogleGestapo that have with malice and knowledge of falsity aforethought, set out to destroy families and communities and societies.  This all started in the industrial era when factories destroyed communities, ethics, families, and kinship, but was taken to an advanced level in the information era, when top down propaganda and control by the 1% replaced bottom up collective intelligence with the deliberate intent of eradicating individual critical thinking, family and community support structures, and all semblance of cultural and social boundaries and norms. He also does not get that Donald Trump, for all his flaws, has tapped into a vast re-emergence of local values, one hinted at in the new book by James and Deborah Fallows linked below. We do indeed need these new structures he speaks of, but they will not be created by the likes of MIT, they emerge from a crypto-distributed open source world that scorns all universities and corporations complicit in past information pathologies and atrocities.

See Especially:

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See Also:

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