Stephen E. Arnold: 5,000 Facebook Fake News Identities for Sale…

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Stephen E. Arnold

Fake News May Be a Forever Feature

According to the story:

For $13, a Buzzfeed reporter was able to buy the longstanding Facebook profile of a fake 23 year old British woman living in London with 921 friends and a deep, plausible dossier of activities, likes and messages. The reporter’s contact said they could supply 5,000 more Facebook identities at any time.”

Phi Beta Iota: There are four fundamentals for assuring truth in media: Anonymity, Identity, Privacy, and Security. They are not in conflict. Anonymity can be provided while assuring that Identity is real and the person is accountable for their words in those instances where the law applies (defamation, for example). Bots are eliminated. All that is required is the integrity that is lacking today in each of the elements of #GoogleGestapo.

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