Stephen E. Arnold: Forbes Tests Amazon’s Police State Capability Rekognition

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Stephen E. Arnold

Forbes Does a Semi Rah Rah for Amazon Rekognition

…based on conversations with those in my lectures, two categories of comments and questions capture the reaction to the US government documents I reviewed.

First, Europeans do not think about Amazon as anything other than a vendor of products and a service which allows relatively low cost backend services like storage.

Second, the idea that a generalist online eCommerce site and a consumerized cloud service could provide industrial strength tools to investigators, security, and intelligence professionals was a idea not previously considered.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I have received the full private briefing that is available to those who wish to purchase it from Stephen E. Arnold. He has  a six-month lead, perhaps more, on marketplace awareness of the totality of both Amazon’s capabilities, and Amazon’s strategy (they will do to all forms of financial service, including crypto, and all forms of data analytics services, what they did to retail.

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