#GoogleGestapo: $1B To Be Spent By Facebook, Google, YouTube Manipulating News [Seeking to Impact on November 2018 Elections?]

Commerce, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, IO Impotency
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#GoogleGestapo is long overdue for a RICO investigation.  All of these expenditures are undeclared illegal campaign contribution to the Democratic Party and its Deep State master.

Facebook's First Wave of Funded News Shows Will Debut July 16, With More on the Way [$90M]

YouTube Debuts Plan to Promote and Fund ‘Authoritative' News [Google Spending $300M]

Phi Beta Iota: When the planned expenditures of Amazon, MeetUp, Twitter, and Wikipedia are added up, all toward manipulating public perception, we have no doubt the 2018 total focused on manipulating the November 2018 elections will come to $1B.

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