Penguin: Swarm – Ethereum’s 3rd Shot at Decentalized Internet

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Swarm: Inside Ethereum’s Push to Create a Decentralized Internet

The Lead Developer of the Swarm team, Viktor Trón, has announced the immediate release and deployment to the public testnet of Ethereum’s Swarm client v0.3, which represents the third proof-of-concept (POC3) installment of this tool.

Decentralized Technologies like Ethereum, Swarm, and Whisper, which Trón calls “The Holy Trinity”, will revolutionize how we share information, who owns it, and who can profit from it. However, there is still a lot to accomplish before this is possible.

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Phi Beta Iota: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Thomson-Reueters and Elsevier, are all failed corporations. They could not break free of the industrial era mind-set of fenced or walled gardens and total control. Now — accelerated by enraged conservatives with money — the social media companies — Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia particularly — are over the cliff and in free-fall. While Amazon is planning to essentially replace Ethereum (as they did Netflix) and triumph, the collective always has the last word in this kind of situation. There will be four determinants of the final outcome:

1. Is the new Internet as easy to use for the individual as the old (or easier?)

2. Will OpenID or better forms of sovereign identity service to both enable point of sale purchases without providing identifying information other than a masked ID that leads to the proper payment and proper delivery?

3. Will individuals acquire the ability to always see and be able to police what is being said about them (Wikipedia is facing several lawsuits in the near-term for continuing to enable defamatory malicious statements made with knowledge of falsity)?

4. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, will OpenBTS (Open Base Transceiver Station, the open smart phone) be made available to the five billion who are NOT on the Internet, ideally free of charge?

Exciting times. Ethereum, not BitCoin, appears to be the change makere.

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