Rebecca Campbell: Hillary Clinton Is Toast — Putin Gives Trump Intelligence on Russian Oligarch Bribes to Obama, Clinton, DNC

Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government

Here is the smoking cannon, with evidence from Russian intelligence agencies, and likely at least from the US government's NSA: 

It was Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama & the DNC who colluded with Russian oligarchs before and during the 2016 US presidential campaign — not Donald Trump.  Globalist deep state agents show a pattern of using corrupted corporate media for projection as distraction from their crimes, publicly accusing others of the crimes that they themselves have actually committed. 

Evidence of this is seen in the fact that of all of the corporate-controlled mainstream and fake independent gatekeeper media, only The New York Times and Time Magazine have so far reported on this potentially paradigm-shifting news story, with Time only posting the partial transcript of this major Trump-Putin press conference with no comment.  But this is to be expected: the fake news media lies as much by omission as by what they falsely report.  — REC

Bombshell: Russia-linked business mogul funneled $400K to Hillary Clinton; Obama implicated in money laundering (UPDATE)

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