Robert Steele: Neil Cavuto (Fox News) and Mike McCaul (R-TX, DHS) Are Bushies — Their Broadcast Just Now Was Defamatory, False, and Reprehensible UPDATE 2 Texas Drug Racket?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I've known for some time that Fox News is only marginally better than Crap News Network (CNN), but today Neil Cavuto persuaded me that Fox News is part of the Deep State media network and everyone at Fox News is an enemy of the President.

The segment with Mike McCaul (R-TX) who has a role managing the House oversight committee for the Department of Homeland Security (itself a mass surveillance and enforcement arm of the Deep State and the Deep State's Zionist underbelly), was defamatory, false, and reprehensible.

The Russians did not hack the election. The lies put forth by James Clapper and John Brennan and Mike Hayden are not only lies, they are malicious lies with knowledge of falsity and each of those telling such lies should lose their security clearances.

The time has come for the President to clear the White House of the scum that falsely claim to be an independent media.  They are not.  They are shills — with malice aforethought — of a Deep State / Zionist agenda that seeks to overthrow a President elected precisely because he can stand up to the Deep State and end the tyranny of the 1% who have been looting the US Treasury with impunity for the past century — to include creating the Great Depression with the complicity of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who also waged a covert war against Japan to induce Pearl Harbor, much as George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney waged a covert Gold War against Russia (BillBrowder appears to have been an agent of the CIA in that covert illegal war against Russia).

The President needs a Trump Studio, a truth channel, and a communications team that is not walking around with its head up its ass.

Here is the updated floor plan that makes better use of the space now wasted on scum:

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Alert Reader writes in…

Here is Texas McCaul is known as a NWO RINO through and through. He apprenticed under Johnny (“Satan”) Sutton where they prosecuted INS and border sherriffs for enforcing immigration laws, there are a lot of folks here that think he should have hung for prosecutorial misconduct.  His District was gerrymandered by Tom Delay, 180 mile long dognose from RINO West Houston to RINO North Austin.  McCaul is believed to have used ClearChannel publishing, billboards, hundreds of radio stations, and corporate jets — all undeclared illegal campaign contributions, to win the election.  His father James Addington McCaul was deeply connected with GHWB and the Dallas doings, all that has been “scrubbed” but we all know it is there.  McCaul is a Bushie, hates Trump, will do anything he can to undermine the President.


Alert Reader adds:

Sutton and McCaul were notorious for getting drug dealers off, and in cases where they got shot, getting them million dollar settlements and a green card. No one has ever properly investigated the degree to which the Bush Family is a drug cartel and the Texas “justice” system is used to keep the drugs moving. Media personalities that publicized these crimes met with very bad accidents.

Phi Beta Iota: There is actually at least one book to this effect, but the fact is that the FBI is a threatrical agency and has never been serious about going after crime overseen by elites and their senior servant class.

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