Steven Aftergood: CRS on US Research & Development (R&D) Funding and Performance – Half a Trillion — 500 Billion — A Year

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Steven Aftergood

U.S. Research and Development Funding and Performance: Fact Sheet

John F. Sargent Jr.
Specialist in Science and Technology Policy
Congressional Research Service
June 29, 2018

Comment and key graphic from report below the fold.

Phi Beta Iota: Half a trillion dollars (500 billion dollars) across federal, business, state & local government, higher education, other non-profits.  Federal and business are the primary spenders.  Below is a graphic showing domains in which federal government spends on research. They are seriously out of line with the actual needs of the public, and massive redundacy and waste is certain to found when cross-walking business and government research. The universities are no longer research powerhouses. US expenditures suffer from three sucking chest wounds: no national strategy rooted in understanding of the ten high level threats to the average American (poverty, infectious disease and environmental degradation – particularly the loss of clean water and sustainable aquifers); no serous harmonization of all R&D across all sectors; and no commitment to open access / open data so as to make the most of all R&D endeavors.


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