Mongoose: Hollywood Pedophilia Names Coming Out… UPDATE 1

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No direct knowledge but all this seems to be converging.

Thor Actor Drops Hammer on Pedophiles! Wow!


Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open….

UPDATE: New Names Dropped. Here’s one: Tom Hanks

Two videos below the fold.


Phi Beta Iota: All those accused are innocent until proven guilty but based on what we know generally, we suspect that the accusations are 60% on target. We predict that the accusers will be called unstable and insane, and the full weight of the law (which is itself compromised by pedophile judges, pedophile prosecutors, and pedophile sheriffs and officers), will be brought to bear against witnesses. Lawsuits will be threatened — those witnesses who stand their ground will have the benefit of “discovery” and we suspect there are now a great number of lawyers willing to take on pedophile accusers against those seeking to repress the truth about what is now known to be a rampant problem in Hollywood. The pedophilia hunt is on — we continue to worry about citizen mobs and collateral damage, but we worry more about official agencies being complicit with pedophilia including murderous pedophilia.

Sidenote: YouTube is corrupt to the bone, allowing the Anti-Defamation League –the Zionist secret police — to censor with impunity, but most interestingly, YouTube has an official policy of not censoring defamation. In theory, the above YouTube videos should remain up — if they are  taken down, it will suggest something we are increasingly believing: that the ADL and Hollywood pedophilia on the West Coast, and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein and pedophilia entrapment on the East Coast, are two of the sources of Zionist power in the USA.

See Especially:

LAPD Goes After Thor Actor Accusing Big Stars of Pedophilia

Corey Feldman seeks restraining order from online bullies

Evidence collected while investigating a pedophile were so horrific that officers had to seek counseling

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