Betty Boop: Did Hillary Clinton’s Private Email, Hacked by China, Lead to the Execution of All US Spies in China?

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Did The New York Times Out Hillary Clinton As The Source Of The CIA-China Spy Massacre?

18 to 20 covert operatives were discovered/imprisoned/murdered by China’s government in the short span of 2010 to 2012. The U.S. security breach that allowed that to happen remains ‘unknown’ according to Establishment Media coverage.

Stunning Report Confirms China Had Hillary’s Emails in Real Time

According to a stunning report in the Daily Caller, a company fronting for the Chinese government hacked Hillary’s email server and had all the emails sent to them in real time.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am extremely skeptical of this conclusion. Yes, Hillary Clinton committed treason and flagrantly violated all security protocols with her private email server (as did Mike Pence as Governor and probably still today as Vice President); yes, China and Russia and of course Israel had complete access to all of her private emails; no, the CIA did not lose an entire network through intelligence products provided to her.  Apart from the absence of identifying information for agents in intelligence products the sad fact is that CIA does not have serious clandestine human assets anywhere, least of all China, Russia, Iran, and India.  CIA is  too sloppy and the host country counterintelligence services are too good. This reeks to me of a CIA cover story to explain to President Donald Trump why Jon Huntsman, our former Ambassador to China (and now our Ambassador to Russia) knows more than CIA does about any aspect of the Chinese situation — and can call anyone in China and speak to them in Chinese. CIA does not have a Middle Eastern or Central Asian network either — these are the clowns that have been teaching new case officers how to to go “clandestine” meetings in Afghanistan in multiple black SUVs surrounded by bodyguards covered in ink. Not serious at all.  In my day a case officer could and should be able to cross any city — from Beirut to the San Salvador to Kabul — on their own. I consider CIA — there are multiple CIAs, 90% of the people being good people trapped in a bad system — to be both the enemy of President Donald Trump, and the agent of the Deep State through the Continuity of Government program that is used to manage the Shadow Government. The President would be well within his rights in terminating the security clearances of all past CIA directors and deputy directors, and in terminating the Continuity of Government program.

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