DefDog: FCC Lied to Congress — Without #UNRIG, Congress Will Continue to Sell Out the 99%

Corruption, Government, IO Impotency

Breaking news: the FCC just finally admitted that it lied to Congress and the public when it claimed that a “cyber attack” took down its website at the exact moment that pro net neutrality comments were flooding in from John Oliver’s viral broadcast on the topic.1

Lawmakers are paying attention to this debacle. We need everyone to contact their reps RIGHT NOW to tell them that the repeal of net neutrality wasn’t just unpopular, it was illegitimate.

Phi Beta Iota: Congress consists of a two-party tyranny elected by 30% of the public under a mix of dishonest representation and dishonest methods (e.g. electronic voting machines rigged in advance). Until the public engages in democracy and holds their individual representatives accountable, each Member of Congress will continue to sell us out.

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