Jon Rappoport: The War to Destroy Alex Jones (3 Parts) + Comment (Hate Speech is Anything I Don’t Agree With…)

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Jon Rappoport

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part 1

He “employed hate speech and violated community standards.”

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part 2

Many strange things can be implemented on the basis of “protecting the herd.”

Alex Jones

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part 3

Where is the bill of particulars against him?

Phi Beta Iota: The Deep State and its useful idiots are waging a full scale cultural war to label anything they do not agree with as “hate speech” while also using the Zionists “denial” card to push back on those trying to do evidence-based history and science. In their pedophile-riddled world, the 1st Amendment only applies to those who toe the party line. We are now at a point where college application decisions are being made based on social media profiles — followers of Alex Jones need not apply.

See Especially:

If We Silence Hate Speech, Will We Silence Resistance?

Alert Reader Says:

A psyop is 90% true. After being reeled in, the 10% contaminates mind of viewer.

1. What does the photo tell you. It tells you that Black Lives Matter should certainly not be banned for hate speech

2. How is Jones characterized? “repugnant”. Never mind that he has exposed the NYT many times. The reader unfamiliar with Jones is left with one word.

3. Did you catch this zionist plug? “The New York State Senate, for example, recently passed a bill that would prohibit from receiving public funds “student organizations that participate in hate speech, including advocating for the boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel and American allied nations.”” Ah, so boycotting Israel is unfair hate. No mention of why students do this, which has to do with Israeli hate of Arabs.

4. It lauds women’s march, not mentioning Soros funded it and BLM also.

4. The closing summary discounts entire argument. Here it is [my comments in brackets]:

Despite this, a significant number of young Americans, especially young Americans of color, believe that hate speech should be limited by the government or on college campuses. [But don’t limit Black Lives Matters]

In addition, some scholars have recently argued for legal restrictions on hate speech. [And some have not. But the link is only to those who have, so the article appears to be for free speech, but is really for legal restrictions]

Israel, Black lives Matters and the ‘hate Trump’ women’s march are used as examples of movements that should not be labeled as hateful. And remember Jones is “repugnant.”

Perfect psy-op.

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