Cynthia McKinney: Rich White Kids… Drunk, Promiscuous, with Absentee Parents? Is This What U.S. “Leadership” is All About?

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Cynthia McKinney



By Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D.

Re-published with permission from AllThingsCynthia.

As I read about the smear campaign being conducted by Democratic Party operatives using Dr. Christine Blasey Ford aimed to impugn the character and career of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and scupper his Supreme Court confirmation process, inevitably stained and poor first impressions spew from the pages tabloid-like accounts – including photographs of the accused and his accusers’ respective pasts as: drunks, sexually promiscuous, and brazen hedonists whose amoral lifestyles were buttressed by their inattentive and indulgent absentee parents.

The secondary education debauchery depicted in reports of Kavanaugh’s detractors contrast sharply with how I was raised. In Atlanta, I attended a private Catholic high school, but knew well the wantonness of the “elite behavior” of privileged high school kids. Wanting the best for my son, I made it a personal mission to see that he attended private, non-denominational “elite” schools in the U.S. and abroad. But, I prepared him for what was to come in the same way that my parents prepared me.

Blasey and Kavanaugh, through no fault of their own, are the victims of a culture that enshrines laissez-faire absentee parents who mindlessly leave their children behind when they go on their own vacations, pursue their careers, take long business trips, and fraternize with friends at social events, etc.; and, also, these affluent, latch-key-parents shower their ethically and morally unmoored children with cars, cash, contraceptives, and credit cards which, in turn, are used to purchase alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and bad companions.

As a high schooler, my parents NEVER left me home alone when they traveled out of town. Moreover, I couldn’t even go to ANY house party—period—without my parents calling and actually speaking to the host parents, and, of course, as a parent I did the same with my son’s “house parties.”

Most African Americans who attend White elite private enclaves of privilege, learn from their responsible parents that they can NEVER do what their White classmates do. And so, most of us in such positions, don’t. I know I certainly didn’t. Moreover, I continued to admonish my son about the realities of his life, even into post university graduation and throughout law school. All the law enforcement racial disparity statistics bear fruit when one bothers to search, thus rendering what I’ve read about from the wild lifestyles of both Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh and others is just beyond my comprehension to ever being in for any reason; however, the documents that I have read are wholly consistent with what I have observed in the conduct and character of offspring of the so-called elite, both in my generation and that of my son.

Smear or not, one thing here is clear: privilege. A certain no-holds-barred-debauched lifestyle is in full view; no wonder the U.S. is in decline if this is to what we entrust leadership and guidance of our society.


There are two double-standards in evidence today in relation to the Democratic attack using Blasey as a foil against Kavanaugh:

First, it is clear that every Trump Republican male is now vulnerable to an orchestrated Profumo-styled scandal hit job wherein political enemies will embark on vitriolic crusades of biographical-dumpster-diving seeking to unearth and resurrect all and any rumor, lie, hearsay, and unsubstantiated character flaws without interest in facts or genuine witnesses. In the age of #METOO, sexual allegations without foundation and outside the due process of law could well become the new normal – and now, a new allegation of drunken sexual behavior erupts against Kavanaugh from his college years—except that the new “witness,” herself, admits that she was too drunk to know if what she thinks happened actually did happen. Clearly, we are witnessing a well-orchestrated, pre-meditated political drive-by shooting. I’ve been there and I know exactly what that looks like.

Second, the Democrats, in their desperation to derail a Supreme Court nominee who has been investigated six times and who has dozens of women testifying to his reliability, seem to be oblivious to their own vulnerability to similar attacks. Beginning with the Clintons, both alleged to have engaged in an unsavory relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and Joe Biden, now being challenged about videos showing him groping children on stage, there is no end to the number of Democratic “elites” vulnerable to similar attacks. (What makes them elite is that they do illegal and licentious things and get away, with impunity, year after year while winning the blessing of media and political allies).

I cannot explain the rationale of parents who tolerate, if not encourage, such behavior from their children or who fail to realize that their laxity as parents instills in their children a radical, morally-relativistic judgment system of thought and behavior—sure to create personal and social problems. Let’s be honest with ourselves: The simple fact is that the children infected with acute “affluenza” come from elite families, and they rarely face any consequences for their immoral, illegal, or unethical behavior. But, you see, that’s where character comes in–should one have to personally face the consequences of ethically- or values-deprived behavior before knowing that such behavior is wrong? This multitude of corruptions of values and ethics on the personal level results in debasement of values and ethics on the societal level.

They’ve always been able to have their “youthful indiscretions” and rarely be hurt by them. I’m arguing that this is the kind of behavior on display that brings us full circle to where we are today with a society that is corrupt at every level, debasing of our humanity in every way, cutthroat politics that mean nothing except to those who win the prizes, and a civilization–if you want to call it that–in tatters.

One thing is for certain: had Blasey Ford exercised her good judgment and said “No” to the invitation to go to a private home with three young boys, she would not have even been in a position to have this happen to her. Even her ability to have a #MeToo moment now, is, in a way, a continuation of her privileged position in society.

Incredibly, there is no #MeToo moment for that multitude of women who do exercise good judgement and who then bear the bruises of assault; and if they’re Black, they don’t even get to “Stand [Their] Ground.”


I now have some context for Chuck Schumer’s “Six Ways To Sunday” comment [about how easily the US secret intelligence community can destroy anyone in their maturity]. Knowing full well what has been sown, the U.S. Deep State knows how to reap its harvest bountifully. Along with all of the other real and manufactured divides in this country, I also see a sexual divide being laid on top of the already well-planted gender divide. The Black community has long been experiencing this too, through the usurpation of our culture by the popularization of “Gangsta Rap” and “Thug Life.” Thanks to the long trail of individuals responsible for the debacle of D.C. unfolding today, the costs to U.S. society at large will be as high as they have been for the Black community.

Before the U.S. can fully recover, not only will we have to devise an effective way to bridge the extant social divides in this country, we’re also going to have to learn a way to bridge the man woman divide that is being created.

As I’ve said so many times before that I’m tired of saying it now, “Stop it when they’re doing it to us (black people) or they will surely do it to you (white people).” Thus, once again, the Deep State gets its way and the people of the U.S. are the ones who pay.

The Hillary faction of the U.S. Deep State just unleashed a “double tap” on the Trump faction.

From all of the foregoing, at least one thing is clear: Not only does the U.S. need a “Revolution of Values” as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said; the U.S. needs better parents and better leaders.

Drain the Swamp.

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About the Author

Dr. Cynthia McKinney, six-term Congresswoman from Georgia, was finally gerry-mandered out of office by the Zionists after multiple attempts, because she refused to sign the “Israel  First” pledge. As a Democrat, she was the first black woman elected to represent Georgia in the House of Representations, and unique for being able to able engage all factions in Georgia including the Ku Klux Klan. She left the Democratic Party, which co-conspired to see her terminated by the Zionists, to run for the presidential nomination of the Green Party. She is the co-founder of #UNRIG, seeking twelve election reforms that would re-engage 100% of our voters, eliminate the two-party tryanny, and enable evidence-based governance in the public interest.  Dr. McKinney is a professor of business at a U.S. accredited MBA program in Bangladesh. She earned her BA in international relations from the University of Southern California; her MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University; and her PhD in Leadership from Antioch University where Peter Dale Scott, the original non-fiction chronicler of the Deep State, was one of her advisors.

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