Mongoose: Apple is Now Spying On You and Assigning a “Trust Score” — China Could Not Be More Pleased…. #GoogleGestapo

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Apple Will Start Tracking Your Calls & Emails To Assign You A ‘Trust Score’

The Facts

  • Apple iPhone users will now have their data on phones calls, texts and emails track by Apple so they can be given a ‘trust score.’ They claim this data collection will help prevent fraud.

Reflect On:

  • Is this not just behavioural and user data collection disguised as ‘trying to protect you?’ Is this data going to be used to sell you more products? Or maybe sold to other companies? Do we have ANY reason to trust Apple?

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Phi Beta Iota: This officially adds Apple to #GoogleGestapo. HOWEVER, a mature advisor observes that this is nothing different than the decades old “quality score” that Google has used to value Web sites, select entities, advertisers, etcetera.  Our bottom line, regardless: #GoogleGestapo is out of control and a digital Bill of Rights is long overdue.

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