Robert Steele: How Many Died in Puerto Rico? President Right, GMU Wrong

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I generally ignore the Crap News Fake News media, but one hard fact — how many died in Puerto Rico as a direct result of the storm — is deliberately — with malice and knowledge of falsity — being mis-represented to the public. The President is right — the number is between 64 and (my worst case estimate) 100 — George Mason University (GMU) is full of shit — they have combined poor data, poor assumptions, and a poor model to speculate that close to 3.000 died.  Bullshit. This is a media hit job funded by enemies of the President.

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In favor of the President's number:

Puerto Rico says nearly 3,000 people died in Hurricane Maria. So why have officials produced only 57 names?

Here's why nobody knows how many people died in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria

FEMA Administrator Brock Long defends Trump on Puerto Rico death toll study

How Puerto Rico's death toll climbed from 64 to 2,975 in Hurricane Maria

the higher figure, based on the findings of researchers from George Washington University in a study commissioned by the US commonwealth's government, is only an approximation, not a concrete list of names, according to Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

Media Reports About The Death Toll In Puerto Rico Are Needlessly Confusing

The photo of shoes is precisely what Hill & Knowlton (they gave us the Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter lying to Congress about incubator babies) would order up.  It is a  bullshit photo completely lacking in integrity.

In favor of GMU's number:

What we know about the death toll in Puerto Rico

No names, just estimates unsupported by serious data.

A Year After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Finally Knows How Many People Died

“Definitive?”.  My ass is more definitive.  Atlantic Monthly has no integrity.


Carolinas Deaths : 15

Hurricane Sandy Death Toll: 285

Katrina Death Toll: 1,833

Koch Foundation Donations Tied to Hiring, Firing of George Mason University Professors

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