Worth a Look: Alternative History – War Castles & Reno Videos (Quantum Plus, Relevant to Global Currency Reset) UPDATE 1: Four New Videos

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence


Phi Beta Iota: These videos are recommended by someone we trust. There is no real documentation to back them up but the President does appear to be enroute to a major triumph combining the recovery of at least $15 trillion; control of the Federal Reserve; a gold-backed dollar; and $1.5 trillion to be spent from the bottom up across thousands of individuals whose simple marching orders are “create new jobs with benefits, and do new construction”(including creative destruction). Half our history and half our science are outright fabrications — in that context, this is a good opportunity to consider alternative explanations of how the 1% hosed the 99%, and what the 99% can do about it.



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