ZeroHedge: Robert Higgs of Mises on USA Military-Economic Facism

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The Living Reality Of Military-Economic Fascism Exposed

In countries such as the United States, whose economies are commonly, though inaccurately, described as “capitalist” or “free-market,” war and preparation for war systematically corrupt both parties to the state-private transactions by which the government obtains the bulk of its military goods and services.

To apply here what I wrote twelve years ago in regard to several other kinds of policies: “Government policies succeed in doing exactly what they are supposed to do: channeling resources bilked from the general public to politically organized and influential interest groups” (Higgs 1995; see also Kotz 1989, 242–45).

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  We are long over-due for closing all our military bases overseas and cutting our overt military budget in half (half of it is documented waste). We are also long over-due for cutting the budgets of the deep underground military bases with the mind-control and bio-chemical research focused on domestic population control rather than national defense; and we are long over-due for cutting the secret intelligence secret space programs by roughly 70%, inclusive of an end to the off-budget funding that stems from trafficking in drugs and small children. America will be safer once we stop support dictators against their own publics and stop using US military bases as lily pads for legalized crime — the smuggling of guns, drugs, gold, cash, and small children.

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