Robert Steele: Could Oracle Figure Out True Cost Economics on Top of Its Blockchain Applications?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ORACLE delves deeper into blockchain with four new applications

This bit caught my eye:

The four applications involve supply chain-transaction data including a track and trace capability to follow a product through its delivery from inception to market, proof of provenance for valuables like drugs, intelligent temperature tracking (what they are calling Intelligent Cold Chain) and warranty and usage tracking. Intelligent Cold chain ensures that a product that is supposed to be kept cold didn’t get exposed to higher than recommended temperatures, while warranty tracking ensures that a product was being used in a proscribed fashion and should be subject to warranty claims.

Now imagine if Larry Ellison were to grasp the value to true cost economics and holistic analytics as a fully integrated aspect of supply chain transaction data, leveraging Thin Thread as part of comprehensive meta-data monitoring.  And then on top of that, leap-frog past Amazon and abandon data centers?

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