Yoda: $1B to Fence 30% of the Earth — Wyss Campaign for Nature Has It All Wrong

#OSE Open Source Everything

Fence Earth, kill people?

RELEASE: Wyss Foundation Launches $1 Billion Campaign to Help Conserve 30% of the Planet by 2030

The goal of the effort, called the Wyss Campaign for Nature, is to help nations conserve 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 by creating and expanding protected areas, encouraging the international community to establish more ambitious protected area targets, investing in science, and inspiring conservation action and new investments around the world.

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Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Demography is destiny, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Wyss means well but he is empower intelligent idiots (Taleb’s term) who think they can fence the Earth rather than deal with demography.  There are exactly two solutions worth considering that will achieve 100% Earth Conservation over 100 years: Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) and population planning (increasing US, Europe, Russia to 2.1 children per family, educating and enriching everyone else to the point they DECREASE to 2.1 per family and stay in place). Everything else is cosmetic and will fail to do anything other than enrich the so-called stewards of the well-intentioned but deeply mis-guided campaign.

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