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Alert Reader from Europe offers the following:

Gab 2.0 (in a 3.0 internet)

Since gab has experienced its infrastructure being removed / demolished. It might benefit from the following tips.

Instead of completely merging with Mastodon. It can instead adopt the underlying infrastructure.

Meaning, the protocols for communicating with Mastodon and its sisters & federation.

Thus: Activitypub, Webfinger, Ostatus, DFRN2

So gab becomes able to use instances and can communicate with other instances and federations.

An initial setup can look something like this:

–          3 to 5 gab instances,,,, and so on.

Or other names of choise by the Gab team. The idea is clear. They will all need to be federated(name for linked) with each other to provide a strong cluster acting as a single   social platform.

–          This has a downside. Multiple hosting companies need to be found. Or             organisations/individuals willing to run an instance. Most likely this will             happen outside the       US.  Because it lessens the chance of being in reach of those who deplatformed Gab in the first place.

–          Upside: it becomes incredibly hard to deplatform Gab again. And it still can furfill its  mission to protect free speech. And can act as a gateway to the rest of the fediverse.

Gabs homepage can be simplified to be incredibly clear. Listing all its initial startup instances as links to have people choose and go to them easily. Perhaps creating a way for all the existing Gab users to easily login with their current credentials. Either as a migration or just a copy of the current member database across all Gab instances. Or another sollution. This is up to the Gab team to work this out.

This is merely a document to provide a roadmap or a set of idea’s.

As part of that clean and simple homepage, gab can announce it has joined the Fediverse.

(the Fediverse is a group name of all known ‘platforms’ using this set of technologies. Di asphora, Friendica, Pleroma, Pixelfed, Mastodon, Peertube, Hubzilla, Nextcloud, Peerpx, Misskey,, Plume)

It can do this either in text or a nice graphic symbolising the unity of the social networks. Links can be offerd to the main 1 or 2 instances per network.

For example:




Gab is now probably the most recognised & well known alternative network on the planet. It has had huge publicity thanks to the deplatforming. Gab can use this publicity to serve as a gateway to a total new paradigm in the social internet. It can introduce its hunderds of thousands of users to this new way of doing things.

Thus Gab can operate accordiing to the South African philosophy of Ubuntu: ‘I am because we are’

DOC (1 Page): Gab 2.0 distributed

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