Review: Explosive Growth – A Few Things I Learned While Growing To 100 Million Users – And Losing $78 Million

5 Star, Information Technology, Intelligence (Public), Intelligence (Wealth of Networks)
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Cliff Lerner

5 Star Combines Lessons with Reading Recommendations

I'm starting to think about how to spend $200M to create an alternative to #GoogleGestapo that connects the President to 200 million eligible voters, and this book jumped to the top of the pile.

It is a fast pleasant read and it delivers both the expected lessons and an unexpected bonus, a very fine integrated list of books he read and gathered lessons from. I've read most of them but it was — for those who do not read as much as I do — a fine added value.

Here are a few items that stood out:

  • TIming is everything [what CIA has opposed since 1988 is now inevitable]
  • Make it 10X better than your competition [#GoogleGestapo]
  • Leverage all other platforms, do not stovepipe
  • No matter how complicated, make it one click access
  • Sell the benefit not the feature
  • THINK about your partners as a persistent foundation
  • Never try to monetize what has been free — start with a revenue plan
  • Removing low performing features reduces code, this is a good thing
  • Top ten list WORK as click bait
  • Remove taboos and obstacles — dissect the culture and work it
  • Give users stats about their own account, photos, etcetera
  • Video Centric is where its at, get over it text boy

It's a pleasure to have learned about  Cliff Lerner.

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