Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Global TakeOver Removing Open Source Plums from the Marketplace

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: Global Takeover to Leverage the Cloud

From bookstores to grocery stores to even video stores, we have gotten used to the idea that Amazon is impossible to stop once it begins in a new market. However, some folks re worried about a market that Amazon has been involved with for a while. We learned more from a recent Tech Crunch story: “Common Clause Stops Open-Source Abuse.”

According to the story:

“Amazon takes Redis (the most loved database in StackOverflow’s developer survey), gives very little back, and runs it as a service, re-branded as AWS Elasticache. Many other popular open-source projects including, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Postgres, MySQL, Docker, Hadoop, Spark and more, have similarly been taken and offered as AWS products.

“To be clear, this is not illegal. But we think it is wrong, and not conducive to sustainable open-source communities.”

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